Housing & Homelessness Resources

The Los Angeles Department of Aging does not maintain housing facilities but we work with local organizations and government agencies to provide housing and homeless resources.


Housing Rights Center

Provides fair housing services to residents of Los Angeles County such as updated affordable housing listings, landlord/tenant counseling, discrimination investigation, outreach, and education. For more information you can call 800-477-5977 or visit their website HERE.


Los Angeles Housing Department

Home Modification Program

Handy Worker Program: Provides free minor home repairs and limited safety/security device improvements to low-income older adults age 62 years and older or disabled resident homeowners or homeowners with disabled relatives residing with them. Income limits apply. Emergency repairs that directly affect the health and safety of occupants are also provided to other homeowners if their income does not exceed the limits regardless of age or disability status.

If you want more information or are interested in receiving services from this program, you can contact the Los Angeles Housing Department by calling 213-808-8803 or visiting their website HERE

Accessible Housing Program

The online portal allows you to search for affordable accessible units in the Covered Housing Developments. Click HERE to begin your search. 

File a Complaint 

The Department investigates violations of the Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO) and the City's multifamily residential Housing Code. You can file your complaint HERE.

To find additional resources they offer, visit their website HERE.


City of Los Angeles Housing Resource Center

A free, online property search service that links people with affordable and accessible housing in our communities. To begin your search, click HERE. You can also call them at 877-428-8844.


Affordable Living for the Aging

Provides affordable housing, supportive services, and alternative housing options for low-income and fomerly homeless older adults. Housing Providers can join the program to share their homes with compatible, pre-screened Housing Seekers who can pay a monthly rent for available rooms, offer assistance with household chores, or both. Housing Seekers are adults of all ages who may not wish to live alone or cannot afford to do so. They must be mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially self-sufficient. The organization will screen both providers and seekers, match compatibility, and execute living agreement. 

For more information, you can call them at 323-650-7988 or visit their website HERE


Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles - Public Housing & Section 8

Offers a range of programs for those who are low-income, homeless, disabled, children, and older adults. To apply for public housing and/or get updates on the Section 8 Waiting List you can call them at 626-262-4511 (Main Office) or 626-262-4510 (Section 8). You can also visit their website HERE for more information. 


Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA)

Coordinates housing and services for homeless and at-risk of homeless families and individuals in Los Angeles County. 

For more information or to get help you can call the hotline at 213-225-6581 or visit the website HERE


Los Angeles County Homeless Outreach Portal (LA-HOP)

LA-HOP is designed to assist people experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles County with outreach services including:

  • Homeless Services Navigation
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Trauma Informed Care

To learn more or make an outreach request, visit the website HERE


Safe Parking LA

Provides safe parking options for people experiencing homelessness in their vehicles. All program locations include access to a restroom facility and a security guard. For more information and/or to begin the application process you can call/text 323-210-3375 or visit their website HERE


Los Angeles County Homelessness & Housing Map

A data-driven GIS Map of Interim and Supportive Housing. Click HERE to begin your search.