Caregiver Resources

Family caregiving may be one of the most important and challenging responsibility a person will undertake in their lifetime. Family caregivers provide care for a person who is 60 years of age or older.

Often family caregiving responsibilities gradually become more and more demanding or a person is unexpectedly thrust into the situation as a result of an illness. This is not an easy role, nor is it one for which most of us are prepared. Like most people, you may have questions about how to cope with your care receiver's illnesses or disability.

If you have a job and are juggling several responsibilities or if your family member or friend needs a lot of assistance, you may need help with caregiving too! It's useful to know where you can get information and help.

We have several resources to assist you in caring for your aging loved ones. To better understand your situation and what resources would best fit your needs, please fill out the form below. By completing the form, you agree to be contacted for a follow-up by the Los Angeles Department of Aging.

Caregiver Resource Form


Support Groups

We provide support groups for caregivers throughout the City of Los Angeles. The support groups can meet on a weekly or monthly basis depending on the demand and location. 

For more information, please contact us at 213-482-7252.


Alzheimer's Los Angeles

This organization works to improve the lives of local families affected by Alzheimer's and Dementia by increasing awareness, delivering effective programs and services, providing compassionate support, and advocating for quality care and a cure. 

For more information, please visit their website HERE.


Family Caregiver Training and Education

Family caregiver training is held throughout the City. These sessions are educational presentations in a group setting.

Presentations Include:

  • Caregiver Burnout
  • What a Caregiver Should Know When Caring For An Older Adult
  • Stroke Prevention
  • Can You Retire? Financial Literacy For Caregivers
  • Medication Management
  • Fall Prevention
  • Elder Abuse Awareness
  • Preventing Senior Scams
  • Advance Planning

Please call 213-482-7252 to schedule a presentation.


Aging Well in LA Episodes

Aging Well in LA is a Channel 35 Program, covering various topics that affect the LA's senior population. To view episodes of this informative program online, you can:

Visit our Youtube Channel HERE.


Multipurpose Senior Center Services

You can refer your older adult family member or friend to our Center for services including: 

  • In Home Assistance
  • Nutrition Program
  • Transportation
  • Wellness Education & Screening
  • Social & Recreational Activities
  • Care Management
  • Legal Assistance
  • Home Modification Program


USC Family Caregiver Support Center

Provides support services including diagnosis, prognosis, and services that help maintain the care recipient's independence and abilities, helping caregivers care for themselves, and manage their own well-being. Supportive services include:

  • Information
  • Assessment
  • Individual Consultations
  • Respite
  • Education 
  • Training

For more information you can visit their website HERE or call 855-872-6060.


Special Service for Groups

Provides programs to reduce health and mental health disparities for low-income older adults and family caregivers. Services include:

  • Care Management
  • Family Caregiver Supportive Services
  • Mental Health Services
  • Information & Referral Services 

For more information you can visit their website HERE or call 213-553-1884.