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About the Central & South Los Angeles ADRC

The Central & South LA Aging Disability Resource Connection (ADRC) No Wrong Door Service serves as a single point of entry into the long-term services and supports (LTSS) system for older adults, people with disabilities, caregivers, veterans, and families. This purpose is achieved by building community partnerships, providing services using a person-centered approach, and reducing the number of barriers for accessing services.

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OPTIONS COUNSELING- Assist in identifying goals and needs through person-centered counseling and coordinating access to public and private-funded long-term services and supports in the community.

ENHANCED INFORMATION & REFERRAL SERVICES - Comprehensive resource information, follow-ups, and referrals via "warm hand-offs."

SHORT-TERM SERVICE COORDINATION - Expedited access to services and supports for individuals at risk of institutionalization, generally for 90 days or less, until a longer-term plan is in place.

TRANSITION SERVICES - For people who are currently in a hospital, nursing facility, or other institution and wishes to receive long-term services and supports at home or in a community-based setting.


For Assistance, Contact Central  & South LA ADRC: (213) 482-7252