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Partial List of Emergency Supplies

We Can’t PREDICT Them…
We Can’t PREVENT Them…
We Can Only PREPARE for Them
Partial List of Emergency Supplies*:
Bottled Water (you can never have enough)
Canned & Dried foods
Non-electric Can Opener
Portable Fire Escape Ladder for 2nd floors
Portable Radio & Batteries
Flashlight & Batteries
First Aid Kit
Specific Medications for Family Members
Older pair of Eyeglasses
Hold On!
Vital Documents (Medical, Insurance Info, etc.)
Some Cash (ATMs may not operate)
Fire Extinguisher
Adjustable Wrench and / or Crow Bar
Personal Hygiene items (diapers, soap, wipes, toothbrush, etc.)
Portable Stove (use only after determining no gas leaks in the area)
Emergency Blankets
Matches (in a metal tin case)
Plastic Bags in several sizes
Toilet Paper
Duct Tape
Extra Set of Clothing
Video or Digital Inventory of valuables
Writing Tablet, Pens, Markers
… and More to meet Your Specific Needs
* Partial list for informational purposes