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We Can’t PREDICT Them …
We Can’t PREVENT Them
We Can Only PREPARE for
Them …
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Annual Earthquake Review
Review YOUR Home / Environment
Replenish Supplies
Involve Your Family & Others
Discuss Plans
Get Prepared & Practice What To Do
Practice Drills to Increase Your Chances of
Safety & Survival !
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At Home
Take Cover & Hold On
Shout Out to Others to Take
Avoid Objects that May Fall
Avoid Fireplaces
Expect AfterShocks
Use Sturdy Shoes
Open Doors Cautiously
Cooperate with Public
Safety Efforts
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Preparing at Home
Secure Heavy Furniture & Items
Stock Up on Water & Food Supplies
Set Up Emergency Items (Flashlights, First Aid
Kids, Rx Meds, Eyeglasses, Pet Food, etc)
Out-of-Town Contact Plan
Know How to Switch Off Gas, Electricity,
Discuss Plans with Family* & Others
* Family can be: Roommates, Friends, Neighbors, etc.
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First Aid Kits
are available in
various sizes
Make Your
Own Kits
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During an Earthquake
Outside: Stand Away
from Buildings, Trees,
Falling Debris, Telephone
and Power Lines
On the Road: Stop in
Safe Area, Avoid
Underpassess and
Stay In Vehicle &
Engage Hand Brake
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After the Quake
Identify Injuries in your home
Extinguish Fires
Evacuate When Safe & Clear
Depending on level of quake,
plans will vary
Headcount & Determine
Who’s Missing
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Car Mini-Survival Kit
Non-Perishable Food / Energy Bars
Bottled Water
First Aid Kit
Emergency Blanket
Sealable Plastic Bags / Roll of Toilet
Flashlight (Fresh Batteries)
Pre-Moistened Towelettes / Sanitizers
Sturdy Shoes or Boots
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Also . . .
Relocate Beds so they are
not directly under large
windows or heavy objects
Quake Gels & Adhesives
Place large & heavy objects
on lower bookshelves
Ensure Exits are Accessible
Fasten Heavy Items by means of hooks,
angle brackets, braided wire, velcro
Hold Emergency Drills to familiarize everyone
with Plans
Bolt Down or Strap Securely, Water Heaters
& Other Gas Appliances
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Survival Items to keep on Hand*
* This recommended list of items is not intended as
a complete or comprehensive list.
Portable Fire Escape Ladder
for 2nd floor
Portable Radio & Batteries
Flashlight & Batteries
First Aid Kit (including
specific medicines needed for
members of your household;
older pair of eyeglasses)
Fire Extinguisher
Adjustable Wrench /Crow Bar
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Bottle Water (you can
never have enough)
Canned and Dried
Foods (plus pet food)
Non-electric can opener
Portable stove (use
only after determining
no gas leaks in the
Matches (in a waterproof
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Basics for After an Earthquake
Check for Injuries, Provide First Aid
Check for Safety & Gas Leaks
Wear Sturdy Shoes
Turn on Radio & Listen
for instructions from
public safety agencies
Use telephones Only for
Check-in On Neighbors
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If You Have To Evacuate
Post a Message in Clear
View Telling Where You
Can Be Found.
Take Money, Important
Papers, Medications,
Sleeping Bag, Set of Extra
Clothes, Water
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10 Important Items
6. Flashlight
1. Water
7. Medications
2. Food
8. Clothing & Sturdy
3. First Aid Kit
Sanitation &
9. Tools
Hygiene Tools
10. Cash & Important
5. Radio
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Some Resources
American Red Cross
Fire Department
U.S. Dept of Homeland Security
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
Community Emergency Response Teams
Front Pages of Phone Directories
. . . and More
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Thank You !
The Los Angeles Department of Aging (LADOA)
has presented this information solely for the
purposes of raising awareness and providing
practical information on preparing for an
Remember to review your kit every six (6) months!