Be Ready Go Kits - Overview

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“Be Ready Go-Kits”
(Emergency Preparedness & Your Medications)
Emergencies can occur at any moment when we least expect them. Fires, Random
Acts of Violence, Police Activity, or Earthquakes! In the event of an emergency
evacuation, it is recommended that older adults have at least 7-days of their own
medications with them in a “Go-Kit” along with other survival items as listed
Make a “Go-Kit”
This is a simplified version of emergency preparedness with
YOUR needs in mind. A simple backpack style carrier allows
people to take the critical items they need while leaving their
hands free. Make sure you Do Not OVER pack or make the
Go-Kit too heavy.
Important items recommended to include in your Go-Kit:
7-day supply of YOUR medications
1 individual bottle of water (for you to be able to take your medications)
Resealable Plastic Bag with COPIES of Important Documents
o List of your medications by name, dose, and frequency
o Emergency contact telephone numbers
o Copies of your Passport or Permanent Resident Card; Driver’s
License or State I.D. card; Social Security card; U.S. Military
documents; Insurance policies, etc. (all of these can help ensure and
expedite the benefits you and your family are entitled to)
An extra pair of eyeglasses (perhaps your old pair)
A Solar Blanket to keep you both Cool or Warm
Small denominations of CASH ($5s, $1s, coins)
Photos of Family members and your pets
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Extra undergarments and socks
Roll of Toilet Paper
Hand Sanitizer
Granola and/or Fruit Bars
Small Flashlight
ƒ Keep your Go-Kit in a safe and easy place to find
ƒ Refresh items as needed
When it comes to Emergencies . . .
“We can’t PREDICT them,
We can’t PREVENT them,
We Can Only PREPARE for them!”
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