Mentoring One on One



In 2005, LADOA established the Los Angeles Foundation on Aging (LAFA) as a free standing non-profit foundation to raise funds to enhance the work of LADOA and meet the needs of seniors and caregivers in the City of Los Angeles.

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Council on Aging Mandated by the Older Americans Act, the AAA Advisory Council, Council on Aging (COA) is the principal advocacy body for seniors and disabled individuals in the City of Los Angeles.

These dedicated individuals -- the majority of which are 60 plus years of age or a service provider and a volunteer-- meet regularly as a whole or in standing committees to discuss relevant issues impacting the lives of older adults. Members of the Council serve as the “eyes and ears” of local seniors and their caregivers. Legislation, policies and programs are actively reviewed at all levels of government, with positions taken and communicated as appropriate.

For more information regarding volunteer opportunities, contact COA Liaison at (213) 482-7252 or (800) 510-2020.

Home Delivered Meals

A majority of the drivers of the home delivered meals program are volunteers. Additionally, LADOA delivers holiday meals where drivers are needed.

For more information regarding volunteer opportunities, contact LADOA at (213) 482-7252.