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Multipurpose Senior Centers (MPC)

There are 16 MPC throughout the City of Los Angeles. These centers serve as community focal points for senior services. To find the MPC that serves your community, please speak to our Information and Assistance Specialist by calling (213) 482-7252 or (800) 510-2020.

To find a MPC near you, click here for a map External Site.

Services provided at each MPC include:

In-Home Assistance and Services

Designed to assist frail seniors in maintaining independent living by providing assistance with household tasks.

Care Management

Designed to assess the social and health needs of frail seniors, to develop a care plan to meet these needs and to ensure that the care plan works as designed.

Citywide legal services are available to assist seniors in various legal issues including: public entitlement, housing related laws, legal aid, landlord/tenant disputes, government benefits, health law consumer protection, nursing home law and powers of attorney.

Nutrition Services

Congregate Meals-there are over 100 dining centers throughout the City that provide a hot nutritious meal five days a week. The meals are available to any senior. Donations are encouraged but are not required.

Home Delivered Meals

Home Delivered Meals delivers one hot, nutritious meal to home bound seniors five days a week.


There are two transportation programs that serve seniors in the City. CityRide is a curb-to-curb program that provides transportation to the senior and the disabled population for a discount. For more information about the CityRide Program and to download an application click here External Site.


Paratransit is a door-to-door program for frail seniors that need assistance with accessing and utilizing transportation.

Health Education and Screening Services

Health services and medical screenings are provided on a regular basis at each MPC. For a list of these events contact the MPC in your area.

Social and Recreational Activities

All MPCs offer an array of activities and programs designed to enrich the lives of older adults. Activities may range from exercise classes, to educational resources about healthy living and even day trips to local favorites. Contact your nearest Senior Center today to find out what programs they offer at little to no cost at all.